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Greetings from Fabulous Gotham City Vintage Style Postcard

Greetings from Fabulous Gotham City

The year is 1934. Following his parents’ brutal murder almost fifteen years ago, a young man sets out to find justice against a system and a city which both make decent people feel the need to turn to crime.

But when a man with godlike abilities arrives, he’ll need to investigate – and possibly intervene – on behalf of all of humanity.

THE GOTHAMITE is – mostly – a BATMAN-centric sidequel to The Metropolitan Man, by Alexander Wales, though it is intended to be able to stand on its own. It is unofficial, incomplete, and ongoing.

Content Warnings will be posted alongside new chapters, which will be published weekly on Thursdays.

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When this project is complete, I’ll publish ebooks in .pdf, .epub, and .mobi formats and these will be optimized for each format. These will be completely free.