Sorry about the long, unannounced hiatus.

I didn’t anticipate being gone for more than two months, but had a lot of competing priorities with a new job (I work in legislation/education policy/advocacy, and our legislative session – 90 very intense days – in Maryland started the DAY after I started work.

There’s a little under two weeks left, so it’s possible that Chapter 28 won’t be completed/posted until after “Sine Die,” but we should be back to a regular, every-Thursday schedule by mid-April.

There’s also been some Mental Health and Personal stuff, that I won’t get too far into – I won’t say that I’m doing “great” now, but stresses are starting to ease.

Thank you for continuing to read, and expect Chapter 27 – Oedipus In Exile – tomorrow, March 31st, at 9:00am.

I’m also working on a handful of other creative projects, which I don’t expect to supersede this one, but that have given me more motivation to conclude this so I can devote my full attention to those, so, if all goes according to plan (and it probably won’t), I expect to have this wrapped by mid-July.

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